Happy Birthday Erik D. Espinosa. The new generation, the crown prince of Espinosa Cigars. Following his father’s footsteps into the cigar industry. And being groomed to be the face of a new, younger, generation of great cigar makers.

Espinosa Cigars

The history of Espinosa Cigars doesn’t start with a family history in tobacco. It starts with a delivery truck driver delivering packages at tobacco stores. That’s how Erik Espinosa Sr was introduced in tobacco. And he liked it. So much, that he started working in a tobacco shop.

But that wasn’t the end. Espinosa worked himself up to become a cigar sales representative. He even worked for Drew Estate for a while. And then he founded his own brand, with Eddie Ortega. EO Brands created the still popular 601 and Murcielago cigars. But they didn’t have manufacturing. My Father Cigars was responsible for production.

EO Brands signed a distribution deal with Rocky Patel. That worked well for a while, but then the distribution agreement fell through and EO Brands was split between Ortega and Espinosa.

Tabacalera La Zona

Espinosa decided to do things differently. He started Espinosa Cigars. And to become his own producer. So he founded Tabacalera La Zona in downtown Esteli. With succes, as the factory produces a lot of popular cigars. Not only for Espinosa but also for others.

And that’s the company where Erik D. Espinosa is part off. And that he could own and run someday. Now if that’s not a future to look forward too, we don’t know what is. Happy Birthday Erik D. Espinosa.

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Happy Birthday Erik D. Espinosa
Tabacalera La Zona, downtown Esteli

La Zona is responsible for most Cornelius & Anthony cigars. New Zealand cigar importer Canteros sells some Espinosa Cigars on their website.

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