Happy birthday Bradley Rubin. If your father starts a cigar company right after you are born, and names if after you and your brother, then you can’t escape your future. This is the case with Bradley Rubin, and his older brother Alec.

Alec Bradley

Alan Rubin founded Alec Bradley in the mid-1990s, at the end of the cigar boom. And he named the brand after his young sons, Alec and Bradley. Rubin had just sold the family hardware business and ventured into tobacco. Not with great success at first. Being scammed by his first cigar manufacturer. And trying to sell the cigars through golf courses instead of regular retail. Those weren’t the best decisions Rubin made. Things turned around when Ralph Montero joined the business in 2000. Montero had experience in the cigar industry.

The duo approached Davidoff, and Henke Kelner, to create a cigar for them. Occidental, made in the Dominican Republic. That was a life saver for the company. It was sold through retail shops all over the United States and from there on, Alec Bradley grew. Nowadays, most of the Alec Bradley cigars are made in Danli, Honduras. At the acclaimed Raices Cubana factory. Others are made in Esteli, Nicaragua by the Plasencia family.

Alec & Bradley

Both brothers entered the family business when they were of age. And now they are releasing cigars as well. Under the Alec Bradley umbrella, but with a slight change in name. They use Alec & Bradley. Their first cigar is the Blind Faith, a tribute to their father who gave them carte blanche. He had blind faith in his sons. And as Bradley often says “if you like the cigar, thank me. If you don’t like it, blame Alec.” Today we will be smoking a Blind Faith at the office, to celebrate Bradley’s 24th birthday. Happy Birthday Bradley Rubin.

Ministry of Cigars Happy Birthday Bradley Rubin