Habanos released the number on the year 2018. The export was a little shy of hundred million cigars, just like the previous years. The revenue grew by more than 7 percent, from $500 million to $537 million. Europe was good for over fifty percent of the sales.

According to Habanos S.A., 2018 has been another successful year for the Habano and the company has maintained a market share of around seventy percent in the markets where they sell their brand.

Suspicion over Habanos statement

We at Ministry of Cigars have been hearing that same number of seventy percent for over a decade. Habanos even claimed that they would get a seventy percent market share in the USA, once the embargo gets lifted. And we have reason to believe that that seventy percent is an over exaggeration of the truth. And we are currently working on an article to prove our suspicion.

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