Habanos releases limited edition 2019. Last month the Montecristo Supremos Edición Limitada 2019 was released in Italy. And this month the Quai d’Orsay Senadores Edición Limitada 2019 will be released in France. The Italian and French retailers will have a small window of exclusivity. After that, the cigars will be released globally, with the exception of the United States. When the third limited edition of 2019, the Ramón Allones Allones No. 2, will be released is yet unknown.

Quai d’Orsay Senadores

The Quai d’Orsay Senadores is a Grand Corona, 6 3/16×48. It comes in boxes of 25. The brand has a history with France. It’s named after the street where the French tobacco company was located. The French tobacco company merged with the Spanish tobacco company and that created Altadis. Altadis is now a part of Imperial Brands. And Imperial brands are 50% stakeholder in Habanos, although the premium cigar division is still for sale.

The Quai d’Orsay Senadores was launched at a party in Paris last September. It was first introduced in 1973 after the then-minister of finance wondered why there was no French cigar on the market. The brand has always been a niche brand for Habanos. Nowadays there is a real French cigar called Hedon, previously known as Navarre. The tobacco for that cigar is grown in the South of France, near the Spanish border.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos releases limited edition 2019


Early January the Montecristo Supremos was released in Italy. This 5⅛x55 cigar also comes in boxes of 25 and is part of the 2019 Limited Edition program. Never has there been a Montecristo vitola with a bigger ring gauge.

But that’s not all the Habanos news for Italy. The 2018 Edicional Regional is expected to land soon. It’s a Punch ManTua, named after an Italian ship that sank for the coast of Cuba little over 400 years ago. The Punch ManTua is a 6×38 Petit Lancero with a pigtail. There will be 2500 cabinets of 50 cigars available.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos releases limited edition 2019

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