Habanos launching Cohiba Novedosos in September. At the patio gardens of the Museo del Traje in Madrid, Spain. The cigars were first seen at the Habanos Festival in February of this year.

It is the first time that the Cohiba brand is released especially for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialist shops. The brand had seen limited editions, Reserva and Gran Reserva releases before. The Cohiba Novedosos is a regular production, yet limited in the points of sale.

The cigars will come in boxes of 25 cigars. The size is 6 1/7 x50. The Cohiba Novedosos will get a secondary ring. The ring is similar to the rings for the La Casa del Habano exclusive cigars that are currently on the market. Several Cuban cigar brands have a La Casa del Habano exclusive cigar.

The party in the Spanish capital will take place on September 21st. Yet it is still unclear when the cigars will be shipped to retailers worldwide. Nor what the suggested retail prices are. The date of the launch party is peculiar. It is on the same weekend as the Intertabac trade show in Dortmund. Intertabac is the largest tobacco trade show in the world and draws a lot of people from the industry to the Westfalen Hallen.

Ministry of Cigars Habanos launching Cohiba Novedosos in September
photo credit: Habanos

La Casa del Habano & Habanos Specialist

La Casa del Habano is a franchise concept by Habanos. The LCDH shops can only sell Cuban cigars, have to have a lounge and meet high criteria. In exchange, they will get a higher allocation of limited editions, first pick, and exclusive cigars. There are around 150 La Casa del Habano shops worldwide, a list can be found here.

Habanos Specialist have lesser perks, but also face a lower benchmark. It is not a franchise concept. Any cigar shop that meets the criteria can become a Habanos Specialist if they want. There aren’t limitations to what the Habanos Specialist shops can or cannot sell. Where you won’t find Non-Cuban cigars at a La Casa del Habano, you can find cigars from all countries at Habanos Specialists. Having a lounge is not a criterion to become a Habanos Specialist, unlike being a La Casa del Habano. A walk-in humidor in your shop is a criterion. And getting trained in Cuba is another criteria. There are more, but that is for another article.