Habanos comes with Cohiba Design Edition. But not in their premium handmade cigar collections. The Cohiba Design Edition is all about a limited edition packaging for the machine-made Cohiba Mini and Club cigarillos.

The Cohiba Mini and Club cigarillos appear in a high-quality, elegant cap box in a design. In the color scheme, gold dominates and is skillfully staged with black. The artwork comes with state of the art printing techniques such as holographic elements in the Cohiba logo. Vrijdag Premium Printing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands is responsible for the printing of all Cohiba labels. Ministry of Cigars visited Vrijdag Premium Printing and wrote about them three times.

Ministry of Cigars - abanos comes with Cohiba Design Edition

Travel retail & Short

A more classic interpretation of the iconic Cohiba design can be found in the Cohiba Club 50’s limited edition “Travel Retail”. This edition is only available at Habanos Travel Retail partners, and at German retailers. The fourth and final limited packaging is for the Cohiba Short. A high-quality cedar box with 50 Cohiba Short cigarillos.

The cigarillos themselves are no different from the normal packaging. The production of all machine-made Cuban cigars takes place at Internacional Cubana de Tabacos. The factory is part of the state-owned Cuban tobacco monopoly Cubatabaco. And they are part owner of Habanos.


The most faked cigar in the world. And the most iconic Cuban cigar even though it’s not the oldest. Or the one with the best history. It was created in 1966 especially for President Fidel Castro and manufactured in the El Laguito factory. Cohibas were originally exclusively representative gifts for heads of state and diplomats. But since 1982 the brand is available for cigar enthusiasts.

Cohiba is an ancient Taino word for tobacco. The Taino Indians are indigenous to Cuba. It was the Taino that introduced tobacco to the Spanish when they landed in Cuba. Columbus brought tobacco back to Europe and it found its place in history now.

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