Habanos celebrates Chinese New Year. With the release of the new Romeo y Julieta 8 Maravillas, Habanos joins the growing list of companies that use the Chinese New Year to release a Limited Edition cigar. It’s a trend that was started by Davidoff. But nowadays Drew Estate, Maya Selva, Brun del Re, J.C. Newman, Habanos, and others are doing the same.

Year of the Rat

The Romeo y Julieta 8 Maravillas is a 6⅛x55 thick cigar. It’s the same size as the Montecristo 520 Limited Edition from 2012. The factory name is Maravillas no.3. For the Year of the Rat, the name 8 Maravillas was chosen as 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. A box of these cigars will contain 8 cigars as well. 

The box is red with gold. Just like the number 8, those colors are chosen carefully. The color red means prosperity in Chinese culture. On Chinese New Year, people all wear red clothes and mostly brand new as that means good luck. Gold stands for wealth.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos celebrates Chinese New Year
photo credit Christoph A. Puszkar (5th avenue, Habanos distributor Germany)

Cohiba year of the pig

Last year, the Spanish Habanos distributor Tabacalera released 5000 boxes of Cohiba for Chinese New Year. Those were regular Cohiba Robusto and Cohiba Siglo IV cigars in a black lacquered box and an extra ring. The boxes and the ring mentioned Year of the Pig and had a picture of a pig. These boxes were called 8+8 and contained 16 cigars. There were 3000 boxes of the Cohiba Robusto 8+8, and 2000 boxes of the Cohiba Siglo IV 8+8 released.

The difference is that the Romeo y Julieta 8 Maravillas is a Habanos release instead of a distributor release. And that the Romeo y Julieta 8 Maravillas is a vitola that isn’t regular production. With this release, another limited edition Habanos is born that will be hunted by collectors all over the world.

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