For years now, Habanos has released a Reserva or Gran Reserva, a limited edition with aged tobacco. Each year, one brand in one vitola for a hefty price hike since they are supposed to be better than the regular releases, a super premium Cuban cigar. Reserva’s are released on even years, Gran Reserva’s on uneven years.

During the Festival de Habano, Habanos will always release the cigar for the attendants of the festival, but the real release usually happens either later that year, or even in the following year. For this year’s release, Habanos went with the Hoyo de Monterrey Gran Reserva Double Coronas Cosecha 2013.

The difference between a Reserva and a Gran Reserva is the age of the tobacco. For the Reserva cigars, the tobacco has been aged for a minimum of three years, while the tobacco inside a Gran Reserva has been aged for a minimum of five years. The ‘Cosecha 2013’ addition to the name tells us that this was the tobacco harvest from 2013.

The cigars are packed in black glossy lacquered boxes with an additional black ring