Gurkha is filling stockings for the holidays. The South Florida based cigar company has unveiled two versions of a unique gift set that features some of their most popular cigars. And they did that in a classic Gurkha way.

Worldwide people hang stockings on the fireplace for Santa to fill with goodies. And Gurkha bases a lot of merchandise on tactical gear, such as tactical backpacks and other tactical items. So for this holiday season, Gurkha Cigars created two different gift packs that come with tactical stockings. With that, they combine their love for tactical gear with the stocking tradition from Christmas. 

The samplers

Gurkha Cigars has made two different samplers. The difference is the origin of the cigars. One sampler is filled with six cigars from the Dominican Republic. The other has six cigars from Nicaragua. Both come with a Gurkha branded cutter and tactical stockings and have the same MSRP of $ 69.95

The stocking featuring the Dominican Republic cigars includes:
2 Gurkha Real Toros
2 Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 year Toros
2 Gurkha Cellar Reserve 21 year Hedonism
1 Gurkha branded Cutter
1 Tactical Stocking

The stocking featuring the Nicaraguan cigars includes:
2 Gurkha Treinta Limitada Belicosos
2 Gurkha Treinta Toros
2 Gurkha Treinta Limitada Figurados
1 Gurkha branded Cutter
1 Tactical Stocking

Ministry of Cigars - Gurkha is filling stockings for the holidays
the two different Gurkha Holiday Samplers with cigars, a cutter and tactical stockings

The samplers are released on the American market. Ministry of Cigars reached out the Frank de Kok, International Director of Gurkha to see if international markets can get their tactical stockings filled too. But the answer isn’t in favor of the international Gurkha fans. This item is exclusively for the American market.

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