Great Wall introduces new limited editions. The Chinese Great Wall brand is introducing two limited edition cigars. The introduction of the Great Wall Chinese Zodiac Limited Edition Year of the Ox and the Great Wall Connector’s edition Year of the Ox took place at the 6th Shifang Cigar Festival. 

Ministry of Cigars - Year of the Ox from China
the two brand new Great Wall year of the ox releases

Year of the Ox

When so many cigar companies are releasing a cigar that draws inspiration from the Chinese zodiac calendar, it makes sense that Great Wall cigar does the same. The 102-year-old company is Chinese, so if any cigar manufacturer understands the culture, it is Great Wall. Great Wall is from Shifang. There are two versions. At the release party, Alibaba Group released a blockchain production traceability system. The Alibaba group and China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Co. are responsible for developing this system. Consumers can scan the identification mark on the cigar box. A website gives details to understand the information of each step of the cigar production from tobacco leaf to finished product. 

There is the Great Wall Chinese Zodiac L.E. Year of the Ox. Only 5000 boxes are available. The cigar measures 5⅓x53 and uses a Dominican wrapper. The binder is Chinese. The filler tobacco is from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. A box contains 10 cigars. The Chinese zodiac ox implying better luck is engraved on the wooden box. The cigar uses the Year of the Ox stamp as a secondary ring. 

Collectors edition

More rare and exclusive is the Great Wall Collector’s Edition Year of the Ox. This 5 7/10 x56 Gran Toro comes in boxes of 25. But the number of boxes is set to a maximum of 40. The number 4 is pronounced as sì which sounds like sî (death). In Chinese culture, 4 is a bad number. That Great Wall releases 40 boxes, instead of 80, with 8 being a lucky number, is a mystery. The cigar uses a wrapper from the Dominican Republic and a binder from Indonesia. The willer is from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and China. The boxes are wood with piano lacquer. The boxes contain a simplistic running ox pattern, which means “bringing bullishness and turning things from bad to good”. The outline of the ox, as well as Chinese characters, means bullish is laser-engraved on the cigars.

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