Gilbert de Montsalvat coming to the UK. The brand, founded and owned by the Swiss cigar aficionado and distributor, Raymondo Bernasconi and Tor Imports will be introducing the brand next month. It will be the first time that Gilbert de Montsalvat is available on British soil

The Gilbert de Montsalvat story

In 1999, the Swiss author Thomas Brunnschweiler published his novel ‘Der Papst von Genf’ and introduced Gilbert de Montsalvat to the world. It is quite a sad story though, the main character, Gilbert de Montsalvat is unable to smell or taste. But the moral of the story is, trust your instinct and judgment. And when Raymondo Bernasconi read the book, the character touched him. So a decade later, when he founded his own cigar brand he had to name it after Gilbert. The Gilbert de Montsalvat cigars were born.

The brand is over a decade old now. And has several lines, and line extensions such as the Chunky. And the 10th-anniversary limited edition. Some of the cigars are made in Nicaragua, others in the Dominican Republic. The current lines are the classic, the Revolution Style, Anniversary, Treasure, and the Lounge edition. But for now, Tor Imports picked a small selection to introduce in the United Kingdom.

Sources within Tor Imports said that brand owner Raymondo Bernasconi will be traveling to the United Kingdom for a few introduction events. As soon as the dates and venues are confirmed, Ministry of Cigars will add them to our event calendar on the main page. And announce them in an article for our readers in the United Kingdom.

Ministry of Cigars Gilbert de Montsalvat coming to the UK

Tor Imports

As one of the leading cigar and pipe tobacco distributors, Tor is a set name in the British cigar landscape. They represent Royal Agio, Drew Estate, A.J. Fernandez, Alec Bradley, Joya de Nicaragua, Condega, Caldwell, Casa Turrent, My Father Cigars, Eiroa, La Aurora, Oliva, Tatuaje, Padron, and more. They also distribute pipe tobacco, machine-made cigars, smokeless tobacco and accessories. The accessories include their Torjet lighters, Boveda, Havana Club ashtrays and Dictator coffee.