Oliva and rum pairing in Dusseldorf

Brian Shapiro, international sales manager for Oliva Cigars, is heading to Cigarworld in Dusseldorf for an event with cigars and rum. The event will take place on Friday, April 12. Tickets for the event are for sale at Cigarworld. A ticket is €25 and includes 2...

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Fratello event Cigarworld

Wednesday, March 27, Omar de Frias from Fratello Cigars will be the special guest at a Fratello event at the Cigarworld lounge in Dusseldorf. De Frias is a former NASA employee who left the company to chase his dreams of owning a cigar brand. And the dream is working...

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Horacio event at Cigarworld

The German cigar distributor, Werner Casagranda, will be at Cigarworld in Dusseldorf on Wednesday 20 March for an official Horacio event. Casagranda will explain all about the Nicaraguan brand. The Horacio Classic No. 5 and the Horacio Edicion Especial El Colosso are...

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Cigarworlds cigar Messe almost sold out

Every year, the German supershop Cigarworld in Dusseldorf is hosting what is probably the biggest consumer cigar event in Germany, their annual 'Cigar Messe'. At the event, visitors will get cigars from several distributors and cigar manufacturers, who will all be...

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Maya Selva event in Cigarworld

Maya Selva will be visiting Cigarworld in Dusseldorf, Germany for an event on Friday the 22nf of February. Now if you are interested in visiting the event, then we have bad news for you. The event is totally sold out, all the tickets are gone according to the website,...

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Jas Sum Kral Red Knight now available in Germany

After a long process of registration and pushed backed delivery dates, Riste Ristevski's "boutique as f*ck" creation, Jas Sum Kral officially launches in Germany, the biggest European premium cigar market. The exclusive importer and distribution partner CigarConsult...

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Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

In a few years time, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has received a reputation and a status in the industry like hardly any other event. Twenty qualifying events before the grand finale, all over Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and even during the Procigar...

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Rumnac by Royal Danish Cigars

We are a cigar news outlet, but for once we make an exception. Today we write about liquor. But of course, cigar related liquor. But it's still cigar related since it's a liquor from Jan Vistisen, owner of Royal Danish Cigars. Now it's not unusual for cigar...

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Birthdays and events
March 24
Emma Viktorsson (Freya Cigars)
, EVENT: La Casa del Habano, Chester
, Juergen W Roder (Perdomo Cigars)
March 26
EVENT: Nicaraguan night, Turmeaus, Liverpool
, Joshua Meerapfel (Fuente Meerapfel)
March 27
CSWC Qualifier, Bangkok, Thailand
, EVENT: Fratello event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
March 28
EVENT: Maya Selva Cigar Tasting at Club & Volutes - Paris
March 30
CSWC Qualifier, Hanoi, Vietnam
, EVENT: Davidoff & Antique Pappy van Winkel pairing, Turmeaus, Liverpool
April 6
CSWC Qualifier, Paris, France
April 12
EVENT: Oliva event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
April 13
CSWC Qualifier, Beirut, Libanon
April 14
EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford
April 17
EVENT: Jean Nicot Chapter evening - Paris
April 19
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 20
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 21
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 24
Riste Riatevski (Jas Sum Kral)
April 25
Nick Melillo (Foundation)
April 26
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 27
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
, Jeremy Casdagli (Bespoke)
April 28
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 30
CSWC Qualifier, Makarska, Croatia
May 5
Robert Ibarra (Don Ibarra)
May 14
Daniel Guerrero (El Viejo Continente)
, EVENT: Turrent event, Turmeaus, Liverpool
May 16
EVENT: Ted Bogers Cigar Night, Alblasserdam
May 22
EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford
May 25
CSWC Qualifier, Copenhagen, Denmark
, EVENT: Big Smoke Copenhagen, Denmark
, Gerard Hayes (Nicoya)
May 27
CSWC Qualifier, Oslo, Norway
June 1
CSWC Qualifier, Sweden
June 3
Art Garcia (Antigua Esteli Cigars)
June 4
EVENT: El Artista event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
June 7
Philip Zanghi (Debonaire)
, Sasja van Horssen (Ilja Cigars)
June 8
CSWC Qualifier, Romania
, EVENT: Noche del Habano, Brussels
June 12
Bradley Rubin (Alec Bradley)
, CSWC Qualifier, Finland
, CSWC Qualifier, Luxembourg
June 13
EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 14
CSWC Qualifier, Italy
, CSWC Qualifier, Talinn, Estonia
, EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 15
EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 16
CSWC Qualifier, Talinn, Estonia
, EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 19
EVENT: La Casa del Habano, Chester
, EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford