Germany gets limited edition Partagas Cigarillos. The machine-made Cuban Puros are not new to Germany. They are available since 2014. But now there is an edicion limitada. Not because of the blend, but because of the packaging.


According to Norbert Schelkle, who handles the marketing for Cuban machine-made cigars for 5th Avenue, the cigars are a huge success. “The introduction of the Partagás Series was the most successful new launch in the Cuban premium cigarillos segment in recent years,” he says. “One year after the introduction, the sales of our Partagás family increased by over 20%. The Partagás Series cigarillos have played a major role in the brand’s enormous success to this day. Surprisingly there was no noteworthy cannibalization with the classic Partagás cigarillos.”

The best-selling Cuban cigar is the Partagas D4. And that is the inspiration for the blend of the Partagas cigarillos. “That is why these little works of art are characterized by their distinctive, earthy-peppery aromas and an intense tobacco taste. The Partagás Series cigarillos are aimed primarily at experienced smokers of full-bodied premium cigarillos, ”says Schelkle. 

Limited Edition

For a short time, and while stock lasts, there is a limited edition packaging. The design of the new Partagás series Editions consequently takes up the world-famous design of the big Habanos sister. The red band on a black background is in the foreground and also reflects the relationship to the corresponding premium cigars in terms of design. And Germany gets these limited edition Partagas Cigarillos.

Ministry of Cigars - Germany gets limited edition Partagas Cigarillos

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