Fratello releases two new blends. And a fresh pack with the two new blends, a fresh pack exclusive Toro for the Classico line and the Bianco II. All in a toro size, for the new Space Fresh Pack Sampler.

The Space Fresh Pack is a fresh pack as we know from several other brands. A perfect solution to bring cigars on a trip without a travel humidor. Or as a gift to an occasional smoker who doesn’t have a humidor. Fratello is joining the list of companies offering a fresh pack solution but is throwing in a bonus. That bonus is the exclusive 6×50 Fratello Classico Toro. That’s a size which is not sold separately. And two new blends, also not sold separately.

The inspiration for the two new blends doesn’t come out of space, as the last few new releases from Omar de Frias. The new names are inspired by Italy. And fit in with the Fratello name. Fratello is Italian for ‘brother’. The new lines are called Sorella and Arlequin. Sorella means sister and Arlequin is the Italian equivalent of a jester.

The release

The cigars will be released in July at the IPCPR trade show. In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Fratello owner Omar de Frias confirmed that the space fresh packs will be available for international accounts as well. The brand is represented in several European countries and in New Zealand.

The space fresh packs are used to test the waters for the new blend. It allows the company to get feedback on the blend without having to release a full line of sizes.

Just like any other Nicaraguan Fratello cigar, the production is done by Joya de Nicaragua. As for the blends, the Sorella is made from Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The binder is Indonesian. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano. The Arlequin has fillers from Nicaragua and Peru. The binder is from Ecuador. The wrapper is Mexican.

Ministry of Cigars Fratello releases two new blends
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