Fratello Cigars release Sorella in two sizes. And it’s a release exclusively for the growing number of international partners of Fratello. The brand is distributed in over 15 countries, a number that is expanding every year.

Sorella isn’t a brand new release. It was introduced in June of 2019. But it was only available in a special Space Pack, that included four different 6×50 Toro cigars. Two of those cigars were new blends. The Sorella and Arlequin. Fratello owner Omar de Frias used the space packs as market research. The Arlequin is reviewed by Ministry of Cigars. And that line as announced as a new release not too long ago.

Fratello Sorella

The international markets responded best to the Fratello Sorella. Fratello’s international partners aThe Fratello Sorella is a cigar made in Nicaragua. At Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, Fratello’s trusted partner in Nicaragua. Fratello makes cigars with La Aurora in the Dominican Republic as well. Both are the oldest factory in their respective country.

The regular production Fratello Sorella are different sizes than the 6×50 Toro in the Space Pack. There will be a 5×50 Robusto and a 6 ½ x54 Toro. The cigars do have the same blend though. That consists of a wrapper from Ecuador and a binder from Indonesia. The filler comes from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The cigars are packed in boxes of 10 cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - Fratello Cigars release Sorella in two sizes

International exclusive

“It’s fascinating to me how our international markets reacted to Sorella vs Arlequin. In every country outside of the US where I would have a tasting, Sorella took the center stage. For this reason, we decided to make Sorella an exclusive blend to our international partners,” said de Frias in a press release

The cigars are expected to leave Nicaragua in October. So the Fratello fans in Spain, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and all other countries where Fratello is available can expect the cigars before the year’s end.

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