Fratello Camo bundles are now bigger. Since the introduction of the Fratello Camo series, the wallet-friendly cigars came in bundles of 15. Fratello introduced the Camo during the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas in January of 2020. But now the bundles are going from 15 cigars to 25 cigars. Fratello is phasing out the smaller bundles, replacing them with the new 25 count ones.

“The Fratello Blu, Fratello Rosso, and Fratello Verde are all long-filler premium bundles that were intended to approach a new segment of the market; after a great response in the industry and high ratings our customer’s feedback was for more cigars per bundle,” says Fratello founder Omar de Frias in a press release.

Ministry of Cigars - Fratello Camo bundles are now bigger

La Aurora

The Fratello Camo are budget-friendly cigars made at Tabacalera La Aurora in the Dominican Republic. That is one of the two factories that Omar de Frias is using for the production of his Fratello brand. The other factory is Joya de Nicaragua in Esteli, Nicaragua. Both are the oldest factories in their respective countries.

The cigars come in three blends and two sizes. The sizes are a 5×50 Robusto and a 6×50 Toro. The lines are named after colors. There’s a Fratello Blu, Fratello Rosso, and a Fratello Verde. The Blu has a Maduro wrapper. The Rosso is made with a Habano wrapper. The Verde sports a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Several international distributors of Fratello Cigars carry the Fratello Camo Bundles as well. The international partners will also get the new, bigger bundles starting in August of this year. By then, the old 15 count bundles are all gone.

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