Paris bans smoking in parks

Paris bans smoking in parks. From June 8th, smoking is prohibited in all parks in the French capital. And if you get caught smoking, you will receive a 38 euro fine. With this decision, Paris is following the footsteps of New York City, where smoking in parks has been...

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Condega cigars will soon be available in France

Condega cigars will soon be available in France. The Spanish owned brand partnered up with Eurotab. And Eurotab is one of the largest independent cigar distributors of France. Even though Condega is made in Nicaragua it is a Spanish owned brand. France and Spain share...

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La Estrella Polar coming to Europe

La Estrella Polar coming to Europe. The cigar is being rolled out in Europe as we speak. And it's available in select Asian markets as well. In the USA we know General Cigars brand La Estrella Cubana. Due to the Cuban trade embargo any Cuban denominations on cigars...

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Maya Selva events

In the monthly newsletter from Maya Selva, a few new events were mentioned. The events will take place in France and Hong Kong. March 4th | Cigar Tasting at Cigar Club - Roissy CDG, FranceMarch 6th | Training Cigar Experts AELIA Group - Roissy CDG, FranceMarch 8th |...

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Select draw cutters now available in France

The latest invention in the cigar accessory business is the Select Draw, on which we reported recently. Our article caught the attention of Canteros, the New Zealand based distributor of cigars and accessories who became the first international distributor of the...

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Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

In a few years time, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has received a reputation and a status in the industry like hardly any other event. Twenty qualifying events before the grand finale, all over Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and even during the Procigar...

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Maya Selva events for December

Maya Selva announced a few more Maya Selva events in December, which you can now find on our calendar. The events take place in France, Belgium, and Miami. On the 6th of December, the duty-free luxury department store La Gardere is having their annual Christmas party...

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Oliva at duty free in Paris Airport

It’s quite hard for cigar companies to get in the duty free shops in Europe. Habanos, Davidoff and STG have that market cornered, and for companies that are smaller than those three big players it’s next to impossible to get in as well. After years of trying, Oliva...

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Maya Selva events in Paris, Monaco and Honduras

Maya Selva is coming to Paris and Monaco for a few events, before flying to Honduras for an event at the end of the month. Selva is scooping up airmiles because last month she was in Vietnam to open the Havana Cigar Club. The events will take place in Paris, on...

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E.P. Carrillo Ringmaster for international markets

At the Intertabac trade show, last month in Dortmund, E.P. Carrillo showed us Ringmaster in this video. Now we have some more information on the blend and where you can buy these cigars. First of all, this ringmaster is for the international markets only for a minimum...

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