Fidel cigar lounge damaged by Beirut explosions. The explosions earlier today in Lebanon’s capital Beirut created chaos throughout the city. The explosion shook the earth so hard it has the equivalent of an earthquake of 4.5 on the Richter scale. Shockwaves were felt in Cyprus, 300 kilometers away from the explosion in Beirut’s harbor. 

Lebanese cigar aficionados

Ministry of Cigars has contacts within the Lebanese cigar industry. We spoke to some of them, others marked themselves safe on Facebook. Amongst them the owners of Hand Rolled, Woody & Najat. And Danny Ibrahim from Fidel Cigar Lounge. Only one of our contacts has not replied to our message, but posted “pray for Lebanon” and “we will rebuild” on Facebook. From that, we assume that he’s not one of the more than 100 people killed or amongst the 4000 injured people. *edit: Charbel from Cigar Boutique reached out. Fortunately, he’s safe*

Danny Ibrahim, cigar importer, distributor, and the owner of Fidel Cigar Lounge in Beirut confirmed that the Fidel Cigar Lounge is heavily damaged by the explosion. But he added, “it’s only material damage, I pray for the lives lost”. The photos and videos are from Ibrahim and show the damage to Fidel Cigar Lounge. Our heart goes out to the people of Lebanon.

Cigar Boutique

Another distributor and retailer, Cigar Boutique, suffered serious damage too. The shops at Achrafieh and Dbayeh are both heavily hit as shown on the pictures and video of Charbel Karam. The photos are from the Achrafieh location. The video is from Cigar Boutique Dbayeh

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