Exclusive Opus X 2020 for Dubai. The Fuente Fuente OpusX 2020 was launched at a party in Dubai yesterday. The cigars will be extremely limited and only available in the United Arab Emirates. Both in the local markets and at the Duty-Free outlets at the airports. 

Zainal Mohebi Holdings

Mohammed Mohebi is the CEO of Zainal Mohebi Holdings and distributor of premium cigars. He is a close personal friend of Carlito Fuente. Carlito’s friendship with Mohammed Mohebi, one of UAE’s most prominent families, personalities and cigar aficionados both influenced and contributed to the masterpiece that was being created. “We are one” exclaims Mohammed when thinking of the Fuente family and the values they have in common with his own. The implacable respect and love combined with their shared values of no-compromise fueled this creation to the highest level.

“From the first moment my foot touched the sand, my eyes fixed the horizon and I experienced the unique scent only the desert can offer; I immediately realized how much affection I had developed for the U.A.E.” says Carlito Fuente with a sparkle in his eye. “The Middle East; birthplace of humanity, science, and culture, opened its heart and arms to the Fuente family and quickly became a part of their future.”

Fuente Fuente Opus X 2020

Last night, at a party in Dubai, the extremely limited cigar was unveiled. There are three sizes of the Dominican puro available. Those are a 5×52 Arena d’Amor. The Sol d’Amor measures 6⅛x55. The 6×58 version has the name Viento d’Amor. The challenge to make this blend became an obsession for Carlito, as he wanted it to be perfect. The cigar celebrates the birthday of the United Arab Emirates and the World Exposition which will take place in October of 2020 in Dubai

Ministry of Cigars - Exclusive Opus X 2020 for Dubai

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