European cigar events canceled. Every year, in the weeks prior and after Intertabac, big cigar events take place in Europe. Distributors and tobacconists make use of the opportunity of having famous cigar makers at their events. The cigar manufacturers take the opportunity to meet their European customers while they are in Europe for the trade show. So it’s a win-win situation for both. But even though it’s unclear if Intertabac will take place, some of the bigger cigar events have been canceled already.

The Netherlands

The Dutch Big Smoke is a tradition by now. It started when the Dutch cigar blog sigarenliefhebber organized its first big event at Society Nobel in 2011. The event was sold out with 150 cigar lovers in the luxurious club in The Hague. In five years, the event grew to the highlight of the year for many Dutch cigar smokers. Big names such as Jonathan Drew, Rocky Patel, Juan Martinez, Abe Flores, and Christian Eiroa were special guests over the years. But in 2015, the Dutch government found a reason to fault the event and it ended there. That was until Cigaragua rebooted the event in 2017, and after a few different setups, the right vibe was restored last year, with 400 cigar smokers at the sundeck of a beautiful restaurant near Rotterdam. Cigaragua owner Sasja Van Horssen told Ministry of Cigars that he won’t be hosting a Big Smoke this year. The Dutch blog sigarenliefhebber is no longer alive, yet from it remains Ministry of Cigars was created.

Dutch Big Smoke 2014

When the Big Smoke was killed by the Dutch FDA, another event tried to fill the gap. Tobacconist Tabakado from Eindhoven organized a ‘meet & greet’ at a nearby restaurant. With guests such as Jeremy Casdagli, Tony Gomez, David Blanco, Juan Lopez, and Philip Zanghi. The event was such a success that it became an annual recurring event on the Sunday before Intertabac. But there won’t be a meet & greet 2020, as Tabakado told Ministry of Cigars.

The annual Smoke on the water, hosted by La Casa del Habano Almere, has been canceled as well. The third edition of the smoke on the water was set to take place on July 5th. But with the current social distancing regulations in place, organizing this event is impossible.

Ministry of Cigars - European cigar events canceled


The biggest event in Germany is the annual Cigarworld Messe in Dusseldorf. The event always sells out quickly and it attracts people from all over Europe. They come for the pairings of cigars with drinks, to meet cigar manufacturers. Or to smoke new cigars and sit in with the seminars with specialists. But due to the pandemic, Benden Tabac decided to cancel the event for 2020.

The night before Intertabac, the Cologne-based tobacconist Zigarrenwelt hosts the Big Smoke Köln. We reached out to Zigarrenwelt and no decision has been made on the event. But, if Big Smoke Köln will take place, it will be a much different event as usual according to the spokesperson of the event.

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