EPC Short Run returns. In 2010, Ernesto Perez Carrillo started EPC Cigar Company and Tabacalera La Alianza. One of the first EPC releases was the Short Run. A cigar was the start of a series of small-batch releases for the Dominican cigar brand. 

For the Short Run releases, Perez Carrillo uses small batches of tobacco. Inventory that isn’t sufficient to support a regular production line, but good enough to use. It’s a concept that many others use as well. Oliva did the same with the Masterblend series, Viaje is famous for its small-batch releases, and there are more examples.

Ministry of Cigars - EPC Short Run returns
a picture of the EPC Short Run Retro 2021

Five years

But the last EPC Short Run was in 2016. This year, Perez Carrillo brings it back. With the original ring from the first release. The name is Short Run Retro 2021. The Short Run Retro 2021 is made with a Habano wrapper from Ecuador. The binder is from Nicaragua and the filler comes from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

When blending cigars, Ernesto Perez Carrillo likes to listen to music. To vinyl records, and that’s the inspiration behind the names of the vitolas. The 5×50 Robusto has the name Short Play. The 6×52 Toro is Extended Play. The 6×60 Gordo has the name Long Play. Compare it to a vinyl single, a maxi-single, and a full album.

The EPC Short Run Retro 2021 is a solely American release. But EPC Cigar Company says that if the production capacity allows a second run later this year, it will. Then there might be some production for the international distributors of EPC Cigars as well.

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