El Viejo Continente soon in the UK. Daniel Guerrero and Mike Choi confirmed that they will bring the Nicaraguan cigar brand to the United Kingdom. Daniel Guerrero is the owner, founder and master blender for El Viejo Continente. Former Habanos sommelier Mike Choi is the owner of Boutique Smokes, a soon to be launched webshop. With that shop, Choi will focus on boutique brands that he will import and sell straight to end consumers all over the United Kingdom.

El Viejo Continente

El Viejo Continente was born when cigar enthusiast Daniel Guerrero visited Mexico. It was there where he met Emiliano Lagos from Tabacos Costas, a small tobacco company from Nicaragua. With his support, Guerrero created the first El Viejo Continente blend, the El Viejo Continente Classic. From that cigar, more blends spawned. Not just El Viejo Continente Maduro and Connecticut, but also The Circus line of cigars.

The cigars are rolled at the American Caribbean Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. It is owned by Alex Menendez and Damian Tapanes. The factory is also known for making several other cigars like The Traveler, The Circus, La Rosa de San Diego and several Gurkha lines, including Cellar Reserve Platinum, Heritage Collection, Trinity, Founder’s Select, Jubilee, and Royal Challenge. Gurkha tried to buy the factory in 2017 but backed out of the purchase early last year. In the past, the factory-made cigars for Sam Leccia and Toraño as well.

Boutique Smokes

Mike Choi, whom we interviewed recently, is a former UK Habanos sommelier. And at the Habanos Festival in 2014, he was the runner up. In the Habanos community, Choi is a well-respected name. But in the last few years, he started to explore and enjoy new world cigars too. So much, that he decided to venture out and launch his new company, Boutique Smokes. His goal is to import boutique brands to the United Kingdom and sell them exclusively through his webshop. By doing so, he eliminates the need for retailers, reducing the costs of cigars. 

Ministry of Cigars - An interview with Mike Choi

At the launch of Boutique Smokes, El Viejo Continente will be one of three brands. Skull 77 and Kafie 1901 will be the other brands available for now. There will be three offerings for El Viejo Continente. Those are the Lancero Maduro, the El Viejo Continente Robustum, and the El Viejo Continente Mare Nostrum 120×50. But the plan is to slowly add more vitolas to the portfolio.

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