El Artista rebrands and extends. The original Puro Ambar line gets a new look and a new blend. The Fugly Cheroots and the Buffalo Ten each get a new line.

Puro Ambar

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista rebrands and extends

Ram Rodriguez, President of El Artista Cigars explains why Puro Ambar is reblended. And why the looks change. “Puro Ambar has been part of our original line-up since 2011. However recently we have had a difficult time getting the original materials. So, we had to make a decision about the future of the brand.”

“Early in 2020 we asked our Sales staff about the brand. We were surprised when our all-female sales staff pointed out many female shop owners, as well as female cigar consumers, are the primary purchasers of Puro Ambar. After some careful consideration, we discovered the majority of the brand’s smokers were in fact, women. We began a research project to identify flavor profiles, cigar shapes, and packaging that appeal to today’s female smokers. What we settled on is a medium-bodied blend with a sweet, smooth, and clean finish with hints of exotic spice and nuances of charred oak,” head of marketing & sales Kevin Newman added.

The new blend features a Habano wrapper from the El Artista farms. The proprietary blend of Artista-grown Criollo tobaccos and Dominican Olor leaf complete the cigar. The band and box changes to retro-modern style design. The sizes available are Corona, Robusto, and Toro.

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista rebrands and extends

Buffalo TEN Natural

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista rebrands and extends

Ram Rodriguez said in a press release that“The outstanding sales performance and consumer response of the original Buffalo TEN Maduro meant we had to do a strong follow up. The process is complicated because we want a cigar that feels like a Buffalo TEN but is a new smoking experience. Not just a clone in a different wrapper.” 

The new Buffalo TEN Natural has an Ecuadorian grown Habano wrapper grown by El Artista. The binder is an Indonesian Sumatra. The filler consists of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and American filler. The packaging is a paper bundle, just like the original Buffalo TEN. There is only one size available, a 6×50 soft box-pressed toro.

“Buffalo TEN is a study in the strengths of the Factory,” Says Kevin Newman, “El Artista produces great quality cigars at a very good price, and the B10 follow-up project needed to live up to that brand promise.” 

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista rebrands and extends

Fugly Cheroots

“The break-out success of Fugly Cheroots caught everyone by surprise in 2019 when the brand exceeded sales forecasts and 2020 same-store sales were utterly impressive. We had no clue this strong and frankly ugly hand-rolled cheroot would take the US by storm, but here we are!” Says Kevin Newman. “For the follow-up Fugly we wanted to keep the cowboy-style theme but offer it in a whole new way.”

Dubbed the Fugly Claro, the new blend stays true to the Fugly concept of the freehand cowboy-style cigar and features El Artista’s own Dominican Corojo Claro wrapper, no binder, and a combination of strong long-leaf ligero tobaccos from the USA and the Dominican Republic. Due to the freehand cowboy-style, the size ranges. The cigars are generally 5 inches long. The ring gauges are between 37 and 40

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista rebrands and extends

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