Dunbarton Tobacco to release Unstolen Valor. The Unstolen Valor is the latest addition to the Muestra de Saka line. Originally, this release was slated for November 2019 with the name Stolen Valor. That name was chosen because it was not Steve Saka who blended the cigar, but Raul Disla.

Since Saka decided to give Disla the credit he deserves, he changed the name to Unstolen Valor. Disla is the manager of Nicaragua American Cigars S.A. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust uses NACSA for the production of some of his lines. Other Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust cigars are made at Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, also in Esteli. Disla made four blends on the request of Saka. And Saka picked the one he liked most for this Muestra de Saka release. 

Unstolen Valor

The cigar is a 6×52 Toro. And it’s a Nicaraguan puro. All the tobacco is Cuban Seed. The release date is not set in stone, but Saka said “late spring-ish” on a post on Instagram. The Muestra de Saka cigars are released in limited quantities throughout the year. How many of the Muestra de Saka Unstolen Valor cigars have been produced is not disclosed. The price point of the cigars is a mystery too at the moment.

As for the cigar geeks that think that the Disla name sounds familiar. Raul Disla is the brother of Esteban Disla. They grew up in the Dominican Republic. Their mother and grandmother worked for Tabacalera Cuevas & Hermanos and that’s where the two boys got their first job in the tobacco industry. Sergio Cuevas took the boys under his wings, and now a few decades later, Esteban Disla is a partner at Nica Sueño, the RoMa Craft factory. And Raul is the manager of NACSA. 

Ministry of Cigars - Dunbarton Tobacco to release Unstolen Valor

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