Dunbarton is planning an amped-up Sin Compromiso. Later this year, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust will come with the 7×50 Paladin de Saka. This Churchill is a stronger version of the Sin Compromiso blend. The original plan was to release these cigars in July at the PCA convention & trade show. But a problem in the supply chain for the boxes forces Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust to delay the release.


The cigars are ready. They have been rolled and aged. Now they are ready to be shipped to retailers if it wasn’t for the box problem. The covid-19 pandemic is disrupting the supply of packing material. Where the boxes come from is part of the mystery. Just as the blend of the cigar and where the cigar is made. It makes sense that the cigar is made at Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, just like the regular Sin Compromiso, but Steve Saka is not confirming anything.

As for the blend, since it’s a stronger version of the Sin Compromiso, it is most likely that the wrapper is grown Japanese style. That means that the lower leaves are cut and the upper leaves get more nutrients. In Spanish, this gets the name cultivo tonto. It automatically means a lower yield, leading to higher prices of the tobacco.

There is more mystery. The price of the cigar is yet to be determined. The production numbers are a big question mark as well. It is an Edicion Limitada, but Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust has yet to reveal how many cigars will be available. Our friends at Halfwheel tried to get more information, but Steve Saka refused to answer their questions. All we know for certain is that Dunbarton is planning an amped-up Sin Compromiso

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