Dunbarton is now available in Belgium and Luxembourg. Starting today Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® cigars will be available in the Belgium and Luxembourg markets through Media RuedaTM. Media Rueda is also the distributor for Joya de Nicaragua, where most Dunbarton cigars are made. The cigars from Oveja Negra, Black Label Trading Co & Black Studio Works, are also part of the Media Rueda portfolio.


“When I began Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust I had a single purpose in mind: to create handmade cigars of the absolute best quality, crafted of the finest leaf that is harvested and to never concern myself with market trends, price points, or the dozen other business issues that any sane person would,” says Steve Saka, the founder, and co-owner of DTT. 

 He adds, “This “puros sin compromise” (cigars without compromise) approach has made our company’s puros not only among the best but some of the most sought after amongst educated, experienced cigar smokers. While I had faith in my ability to craft exceptional cigars, I never could have imagined just how successful our small family company would become in only a few years.” 

“And while I have absolute confidence in the quality of our puros, I certainly did not think our cigars would be in demand globally so soon. It is personally satisfying to know that cigar smokers in Belgium and Luxembourg are interested in my portfolio of ligas – it is my sincere hope our cigars reward them with immense smoking satisfaction,” states Saka. 

Limited selection 

“We are beyond excited to bring Steve’s cigars to our markets,” said David Larou, partner at Media Rueda, “when previewing our plans to some of our trusted retail partners, reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. We start with a limited selection today, including Sobremesa, Mi Querida, and Sin Compromiso. We are convinced they will be a big success and local cigar lovers looking for a smoking experience ‘without compromise’ will quickly learn to appreciate Steve’s products. We plan on extending our selection from DTT’s portfolio later this year.”  

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