Dunbarton comes with Connecticut Shade. Steve Saka posted on Facebook that Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust will release the Sobremesa Brûlée. But Saka promised it would be different.

Saka has been saying for years that people miss that mild and smooth Connecticut Shade from the old days before the cigar boom. He has a theory that it’s the reason why big ring gauge cigars are so popular nowadays. His claim is that because of the thickness of the cigars, the flavor is milder and that’s what people are looking for. And the modern day Connecticut Shade cigars don’t offer that in his opinion.

Blending a mild and smooth cigar isn’t what Saka is known for. Most of his blends are bold, strong yet refined. If you taste an old Liga Privada #9 or one of his new blends, you can see a signature. Saka said “This cigar is way, way, way outside my typical blending and smoking wheelhouse, but I am very pleased with the result. However, this is a mild, smooth cigar, so just keep this in mind if you choose to sample one.”

The release

The cigars will be released at the IPCPR trade show in July. And the expectation is that the cigars will be available for the international markets in September. We reached out to several international distributors for Dunbarton Tobacco. All of them said they are ready to order as soon as the cigars are available.

The Sobremesa Brûlée is coming in three sizes. A 5¼x52 Robusto, a 6×52 Toro and a 6¼x60 Gordo. All will come in boxes of 13. The prices are not revealed yet as Saka hasn’t calculated them. He said, “I am still working out the final costs, but hey you know me, I don’t do anything on the cheap – you want the best, you gotta pay the tab.”

As for Saka’s motivation to blend and released a mild, smooth cigar, he commented that he wanted something that brought him back to the classics of the late 80s and early 90s. He revisited many and they all seemed thing and acrid to him. So he went out to create his own mild, smooth cigar. Mild, smooth, subtle, and nutty.

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