Dunbarton boobies for charity. A bet between Nimish Desai (Rocky Patel), Abe Dababneh (Smoke Inn) and Steve Saka raised a lot of money for the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Now that was not the intention of the bet, but it was the result of an auction. The bet was about losing weight, and the person who would lose the least weight had to do an event in drag. 

On November 8th, the event took place. Much to everyone’s surprise, all three of them showed up in drag. Not because they all lost, but out of sportsmanship. And at the end of the event, Kevin Shanan from Cigarprop came up with the idea to auction the fake breast that Abe & Steve used in their dresses. They agreed, and so the auction went live on eBay.

Ministry of Cigars - Cigar kings in drag
Abe Dababneh, Nimish Desai & Steve Saka at the drag event

Saka wants his boobies back

And then Steve Saka took the auction to Facebook. He sweetened the pot with a lot of cigars and even an incentive. If the bid would go over $5000, the winner would get an all-expenses-paid fishing trip with Saka as a host. But the deal was, Saka wants his boobies back in return. The auction is over now and raised $6572 against breast cancer. This is an amazing result, and we can only take our hats off for everybody that made this possible.

Here’s Steve Saka’s original Facebook post:

 Ok… I can’t believe I am posting this…

My autographed prosthetic breasts from the Smoke Inn Drag Event are available for bid on eBay for JUST TWO MORE DAYS.

This auction’s idea was and is being hosted by Kevin Shahan – great guy doing this for a great cause.

The current bid is $212.50, which is absurdly high imo, but since all the proceeds are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition I feel compelled to make the pot one hell of a lot sweeter to hopefully help to drive up the donation amount.

For the record, 100% of the proceeds are going to the charity and neither Kevin or myself will be handling the money – eBay has a mechanism in place that pays the charity directly. Kudos to eBay for providing this service for free!

So to whoever wins this, they will have the option of exchanging my lovely mams for:

(4) Boxes of Pre-2013 Liga Privadas – No. 9, T52, Feral Flying Pig plus a box Dirty Rats!

(3) DTT Muestra de Unicorns – one from each of the last three production years.

(2) DTT Chubby Unicorns – never, ever sold – shared very rarely – I think I may have shared 25 of these cigars to date.

(1) LOT of Pre-Release of Samples from my own personal working stash. No one has any of these, but me.

Ignoring the value of rareness of these cigars, just plain straight retail value is about $1,500.00 USD excluding the Chubby and Pre-Releases – the fact that almost all the above is not available for sale anywhere, the actual value is OVER THE MOON! Seriously, I would estimate the market value to be in excess of $3,000…

BUT there is a catch, I WANT MY BOOBIES BACK! The whole idea of these things being out in the wild totally creeps me out, I mean how could I refuse donating and signing them given the charity for which they will support… but, I really would prefer these not end up being groped by some whacko in his basement. <snicker>

So right now, whoever RAllones is has got himself a serious score for just $212.50.

And finally, if somehow the bid exceeds $5k, which I do not think is possible, but I have seen crazier things happen in online Auctions, the winning bidder will get 3 nights and 2 full days of fishing with me next August on Lake Umbagog in Errol, NH – so they get all the cigars immediately, plus a personal guided fishing trip with me on my favorite Smallmouth lake in the whole world – airfare, transport, accommodations, grub, booze, and all the cigars they can smoke during the trip!

So there you go… and good luck to all!

ps: Yes, I know they look wrinkly, I never removed the protective film.


One final comment – Please only bid if you are going to pay – this is truly a good cause and I want the Charity to receive the donation. I promise to overnight the cigars, insured, upon payment at no charge to the winner. Thank You!

Steve Saka on Facebook
Ministry of Cigars - Dunbarton boobies for charity

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