Dominican cigar factories shut down as well. A few days after the mandatory shut down of cigar factories in Honduras, some Dominican factories follow suit. With the difference that the closure of factories is voluntary and not government forced.

So far, Tabacalera Fuente, Tabacalera El Artista, Tabacalera La Palma, Tabacalera La Alianza, and Charles Fairmorn closed the doors. Some for a week, others for a full month. Since there is no official guideline from the Dominican government, factory owners can decide if they close and how long they close.

Ministry of Cigars - Dominican cigar factories shut down as well
chateau de la Fuente

Limited Capacity

Factories that haven’t closed down yet are taking precautions. They operate in limited capacity so that rollers sit further away from each other. That limits the chance of infections. Plus the workers wear masks and gloves. Most factories decided to send the workers of age, pregnant torcedores, and the ones with underlying conditions home first.

For now, there are no government restrictions although President Danilo Medina addressed the country in a speech. In that speech, he requested all companies to look into remote work, flexible work hours and limit the attendance of the employees. 

Limited travel

The Dominican Republic is limiting air travel to the country. Foreigners are still allowed to leave. But the government made it clear that cargo and fuel are allowed to enter and leave the country. 

 So far, Nicaragua and Cuba work as usual. Yet several airlines have already suspended flights to Managua’s Augusto César Sandino airport. It’s a matter of time before Nicaraguan factories will be affected and limit production.

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