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Birthdays and events
August 20
Sebastien Decoppet (Cavelier Geneve)
August 26
Ramon Zapata Perez (Condega)
, Raul Disla (NACSA)
, Steve Saka (Dunbarton)
August 30
Jessi Flores
, Sal Lucchetta (Arista Cigars)
August 31
Darren Cioffi (Principle Cigars)
September 1
Danny Vazquez (The Voyage)
September 5
Jorge Nicolls (JVN)
September 6
Tony Bellatto (La Barba/Lost & Found)
September 8
Willis Cabreras (Cabreras Cigars)
September 10
Kerr Viajante (Stogie Road Cigars)
September 11
EVENT: First Smoke Am Wasserturm, Gronau
September 12
Abe Flores (PDR)
, EVENT: Big Smoke NL, Alblasserdam
, Raquel Quesada Vega (Quesada Cigars)
September 14
Michell Orchant (Orchant Seleccion)
September 15
Agustin Misson (Condega)
September 16
Jaime Garcia (My Father Cigars)

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