Debonaire House launches distribution company. LanZang Investment International is the new vehicle for Philip Zanghi III for nine Latin and Central American countries. The new company will distribute premium cigars from Debonaire, Indian Motorcycles, and De Los Reyes. Besides premium cigars, the company will also distribute machine-made cigars, blunt wraps, tobacco cones, and other tobacco products.

Those other products are part of Zanghi’s other interests in the tobacco industry. With partner Danny Sinclair, Zanghi is involved in Blunt Wrap USA and machine-made cigars from the Dominican Republic.


Debonaire and Indian Motorcycles have distributors in many international markets. But for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay Zanghi is taking control. These nine markets will be supplied by LanZang Investment. The headquarters of the company is based in Colon, Panama. In the Colon free trade zone.

In a press release, Zanghi said “I’ve worked for many years distributing products in Latin America. I have a great partnership there and we want to help build the premium cigar culture and market in Latin America.”

De Los Reyes

Debonaire Cigars and Indian Motorcycles Cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic. At De Los Reyes, so it’s no surprise that LanZang Investments is distributing Don Julio, Saga, and other brands from the Reyes family as well. The two companies work together in many other international markets as well, sharing distribution channels. And for Latin America, Debonaire House launches distribution company.

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