Dayana Tobacco opens a second location in Jakarta. Yadie Dayana opened the doors of his second tobacco retail store and lounge in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta earlier this week. The new store is located in a hotel, which is not uncommon for cigar shops in Asia. The original Dayana cigar store is located in a hotel as well.

For the location, Dayana picked the Bidakara Hotel. The Bidakara is a 4-star hotel. The new shop is located on the first floor and has a cigar lounge called the Lotus Lounge.

Indonesian cigar specialist

Even though Indonesian cigars aren’t very well known in the world of premium cigars, they do exist. Tobacco arrived in Indonesia due to the Dutch who colonized Indonesia for more than 400 years. Sumatra and Java still have large tobacco plantations. Most of the tobacco grown for cigars goes to Europe in the shape of dry-cured short filler cigars. Yet many premium handmade cigars utilize Indonesian tobacco as well.

But Indonesia produces premium handmade cigars as well. And it’s that where Dayana focuses on. The shop does carry some Cuban cigars yet the main focus is Indonesian cigars. Not just the Dayana Cigars brand, but also other Indonesian cigars and even Indonesian pipe tobacco.

Dayana est. 1997 – A Cigar Store

Dayana est. 1997 – A Cigar Store is the 1st modern tobacco store in Indonesia. When Yadie Dayana was working in the hotel business he fell in love with cigars. With his passion and experience, he created Dayana TOBACCO est. 1997 and in 2010 name changed to Dayana est. 1997 – A Cigar Store And in a later stage Dayana Cigars such as Dayana Robusto, Dayana Petit Robusto, and Dayana Corona Gorda with tagline the real Indonesian cigar.

Dayana est. 1997 – A Cigar Store provides an environment where customers and members have an opportunity to share experience and knowledge. They create a community who understand the rule of cigar culture. Dayana est. 1997 – A Cigar Store provides cigars, pipe tobaccos, rolling tobaccos, and all the accessories related to cigars and pipes.

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