Davidoff to distribute Ferio Tego in the United States. The new brand of Michael Herklots and Brendon Scott will launch this summer. Davidoff USA will distribute the cigars. Herklots and Scott are former Nat Sherman Executives. They bought the blends and intellectual property after Nat Sherman was killed by its parent, cigarette giant Altria.

Proud moment

Michael Herklots, Principal and co-Managing Member of Ferio Tego says, “This is quite a proud moment; one of excitement and exhilaration but also one of profound gratitude and appreciation. Reflecting over the last year, our lives have been disrupted in unimaginable ways. Yet through all of the tumult, here we are with renewed energy and new opportunities, not only to launch a new brand and company in Ferio Tego but to also restore and preserve the legacy of Timeless and Metropolitan, which we worked for so long to build.” 

The Timeless Collection, Herklots’ first blend contribution after joining Nat Sherman International from Davidoff of Geneva in 2011, is the company’s most award-winning brand, made up of the Sterling, Panamericana, Prestige, and Supreme lines. The Metropolitan Selection features the company’s most tenured and time-honored brands. The Metropolitan Host launched in 1994, followed by Metropolitan Connecticut and Metropolitan Maduro in 1995. Metropolitan Host Maduro and Metropolitan Habano were released later.

Partnership with Davidoff

Brendon Scott, Principal and co-Managing Member of Ferio Tego says, “We are excited about the future of Ferio Tego and our partnership with Davidoff of Geneva, USA. We are working hard with the Davidoff team and our other manufacturing partners to continue the heritage of quality and consistency of our brands and bring them back into the humidors of retailers and consumers as soon as possible.”    

“Speaking on behalf of the entire Davidoff of Geneva team, we are excited to begin this journey with Michael and Brendon, along with our trusted business partners in building the Ferio Tego brand in the United States. Together, we will be restoring iconic and long-tenured product lines, along with implementing strong innovation plans for the future. Michael’s history and legacy within the premium cigar industry and our company are well known. Therefore his return to working with Davidoff is a natural fit. Our shared legacy aside, Ferio Tego is a great strategic fit for our company with their premium portfolio, which is built by and for true cigar connoisseurs,” Dylan Austin, President, Davidoff of Geneva Americas adds.

Inaugural limited edition

The initial distribution plan will be phased. It is scheduled to begin with the launch of the company’s flagship Ferio Tego Brand in a limited 2021 release, followed closely by the Timeless Collection and then the Metropolitan Selection. The Ancora brand of accessories is also expected to return this year. Davidoff will integrate the complete Ferio Tego portfolio into its current portfolio and will be represented by Davidoff’s sales team.

The announcement was made during the first day of Davidoff’s sales meeting which is being held in Islamorada, Florida. During the meeting, Herklots shared further, “I spent nearly the first half of my career working for Davidoff of Geneva in New York City. After leaving to join Nat Sherman International, Brendon and I spent the subsequent almost ten years working closely with Davidoff in the manufacturing of our Host and Host Maduro blends, as well as being reciprocal vendors and customers between our respective retail stores. It feels quite fitting to come full circle in a way.”

Ministry of Cigars reached out to Michael Herklots to ask if Davidoff will be the international distributor for Ferio Tego. Davidoff distributes several brands in international markets. Herklots replied with “2022” so cigar enthusiasts in international markets will have to wait a bit longer.

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