Davidoff suspends the sale of the 702 series. When the current stock runs out, the line will not be available for Davidoff appointed resellers and Davidoff Flagship Stores to reorder. The production of the cigars already stopped. But that does not mean that the line is permanently discontinued according to Davidoff spokesperson.

The spokesperson explains that Davidoff makes changes to its portfolio from time to time. That is to prove a relevant portfolio. And at the current time, the 702 series does not enough relevance to the Davidoff portfolio to remain in production. But the line might return sooner or later, either in the same shape or with a tweaked blend.

History repeating

The 2009 Davidoff Limited Edition was the Seleccion 702. Its name comes from a unique hybrid tobacco from Ecuador. Three different Cuban tobaccos are the basis of this hybrid. And the name of the hybrid tobacco? 702.

The wrapper then went missing until 2017. Davidoff came back with the 702 series. A slightly different blend but with that same Ecuadorian hybrid wrapper 702. A year later, Davidoff came out with two more regular production sizes for the line, totaling 9 vitolas. 4 of which exclusively for international markets. And now the line disappears again, temporarily but nobody knows for how long.

It is not the first time that Davidoff put blends asleep for a period of time. In recent years the Special 53 Perfecto resurrected. Just as the limited edition Robusto Intenso. And the Davidoff Diademas Finas, AVO 22, and the AVO LE05. Those were all limited editions. The AVO Maduro made a comeback as regular production.

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