Davidoff dinner at Grantley Hall. The Iconic cigar brand will be hosting a cigar dinner at the 5 stars Grantley Hall Hotel in Yorkshire. Using their slogan, Davidoff says it promises to be en evening beautifully filled with Davidoff Cigars.

The cigars

A Davidoff cigar dinner includes cigars. The pre-dinner cigar will be a cigar from the Davidoff regular production range. And the cigar will be paired with Pol Roger champagne. But after dinner, something unique will be shared. The after-dinner cigar is a yet to be released cigar. And by joining this Davidoff Cigar Dinner at Grantley Hall, you will be one of the first aficionados ever to have smoked it. Davidoff partner Louis XIII is pairing the cigars with its cognac.

Davidoff acquired the acclaimed chef Shaun Rankin to create a special tasting dinner for this night. Special wines will be served to match with the food. Chef Rankin worked with Davidoff before, as he was involved in the Davidoff Chef Edition 2018 cigar.

Tickets for this event are £220 per person including tasting menu, champagne, wines, digestive, and Cigars. For more information about tickets, or purchasing them, contact the Grantley Hall Hotel via mail or phone.

Ministry of Cigars - Davidoff dinner at Grantley Hall

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