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Birthdays and events
January 18
David Davtian (Davtian Cigars)
January 19
Conrado Plasencia (Plasencia Cigars)
, Mac Bergson (Swisser)
January 22
Luis J Falto (Falto Cigars)
January 25
Marc Andre (Humidor builder)
February 1
Amilcar Perez (Tavicusa)
, James Brown (Black Label Trading Company)
February 2
Indiana Ortez (Agrotobacos)
February 3
Nimish Desai (Rocky Patel)
February 4
Nick Perdomo (Perdomo Cigars)
February 6
Nish Patel (Rocky Patel)
February 9
Arthur Kemper (Perdomo)
February 11
Erik Espinosa (Espinosa Cigars)
February 12
Anastasios Mourtides (Mourtides Cigars)
, Rob Ayala (FoH/Bond Roberts)
February 13
Bobby Newman (JC Newman)
February 14
Philipp Schuster (Schuster Cigars)
February 17
Mel Shah (MBombay)

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