CSWC Kuala Lumpur will take place. A few weeks ago, Marko Bilic and his team decided to cancel all the Cigar Smoking World Championship qualifiers in Asia. That meant that the events in China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia were canceled. But Malaysia is back on the roster. Although the date has yet to be confirmed.

The local partner for the Cigar Smoking World Championship, Trinidad Cigar Company just announced that a qualifying event will take place in June or July. The date will be announced later. Marko Bilic won’t make it to Malaysia. That’s to the qualifiers taking place in Europe and the United States during that period. The event will take place in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, with a local judge.

Location and date

Last year, the qualifier took place at the bar of the St. Regius Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Trinidad Cigar Company was working on another location for the original date. The location for the new event has yet to be confirmed. 

Trinidad Cigar Company will make sure that there are premium prizes for the top three for the event. The prizes come from the sponsors and suppliers of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, yet what the prizes are will be a surprise. Last year the prizes were a Cuervo y Sobrinos watch in a humidor, a cigar knife from Les Fines Lames, a Boveda butler and Macanudo swag. Since the new official cigar supplier is Rocky Patel, it’s to be expected that there will be Rocky Patel merchandise as a prize. The Kuala Lumpur event will be the debut of the Rocky Patel CSWC in Asia.

Ministry of Cigars - CSWC Kuala Lumpur will take place

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