CSWC cancels Asian qualifiers. The competition whereby a half corona aka Mareva has to be smoked as slow as possible won’t come to Asia this year. The reason? Not a half corona but a coronavirus. The organization has decided to cancel the events in Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Because of this, other dates had to be rescheduled.


This year, the Cigar Smoking World Championship would have their first-ever Chinese qualifiers. In the current situation, it would be more than logical to just cancel those. With the low number of cases outside of China, we personally would have let the show go on. But the people behind the Cigar Smoking World Championship decided otherwise. Unfortunately, as we already booked a trip to Kuala Lumpur to add the competition. We did that last year and had a great time, even though we just missed the 3rd place and the prizes.

Ministry of Cigars - CSWC cancels Asian qualifiers

The new dates for the qualifiers are

February 29: Riga, Latvia
March 7: Skopje, Macedonia
March 12: Naples (FL), USA
March 13: San Antonio (TX), USA
March 14: Dallas (TX), USA
March 18: Gilbert (AZ), USA
March 20: Fresno (CA), USA
March 21: San Diego (CA), USA
April 1: Paris, France
April 2: Munich, Germany
April 3: Dusseldorf, Germany
April 11: St. Petersburg, Russia
April 15: Oslo, Norway
April 20: Bratislava, Slovakia
April 23-25: Austria
May 5: Mexico City, Mexico
May 6: Norridge (IL), USA
May 7-9: Nashville (TN), USA
May 13: Kansas City (MS), USA
May 14: Omaha (NE), USA
May 15: Minneapolis (MN), USA
May 16: West Palm Beach (FL), USA
May 28: Luxembourg
May 29: Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 30: Copenhagen, Denmark
June 4: London, United Kingdom
June 6: Rome, Italy
June 10: Warsaw, Poland
June 13: Tallinn, Estonia
June 19: Antwerp, Belgium
June 26-27: Madrid, Spain
July 4: Big Alpine Smoke, Switzerland
July 17: Pittsburg (PA), USA *USA Finals*
August 28-30: Split, Croatia *FINALS*

There are also a few unconfirmed dates as of yet. Those are for the qualifiers in Romania, Croatia, Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine.

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