CSWC cancels all qualifiers for the 2020 season until the end of May. On a post on Facebook, the organization behind the Cigar Smoking World Championship announced that they canceled all qualification events for the 2020 season at least until May. 

In the next two months, the Club Mareva team, the local partners and sponsors, will watch the reports and evaluate the situation. Depending on the situation, the organization will decide if any qualifiers will take place after May. 


Earlier this year all the Cigar Smoking World Championship qualifiers for Asia were canceled. The local partner for Club Mareva in Malaysia put the event back on the roster. The Trinidad Cigar Group says it’s off until further notice again.

The organization behind the Cigar Smoking World Championship hopes that the situation will calm down soon. So far, the finale in Split, Croatia at the end of August is still on the calendar. But if the current status of the pandemic doesn’t change in the next few weeks, that might change as well.

The Facebook statement

Dear friends and cigar lovers,
regarding the worldwide situation with COVID-19, we have to inform you that we have canceled all our qualification events for the season 2020, at least until May. In the next two months, we will re-valuate the situation and decide on qualification events scheduled after May. Hopefully, by August, the situation will calm down and we`ll all meet back in Split for the reunion of CSWC 2020. Until then, stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of yourselves and each other. Try to focus on the good in times to come. We are now deprived of so many things that we are used to having and that we have been taking for granted. This is the time to think about that; to think about ourselves, our lives, our priorities. Take a deep breath and make most of it. Learn from it. Let it make you a better version of yourself. Let us all be better versions of ourselves when this is all over. Take care.Love,

Team Mareva

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