Cortes changes name and packaging of Neos Exotic. Their popular flavored cigarillos are now known as Exo. Exo is a line of aromatized cigarillos manufactured using tobacco products from the world’s equatorial regions. Exo is available in four unique, rich flavors: Exo Classic, Exo Red, Exo Blue, and Exo Filter. 

Did you know that no less than 8.8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year? Just 9% of plastic packaging used around the world gets recycled. So, Belgian cigar manufacturer J. Cortès uses the name change of the Neos Exotic to update the packaging. To remove the plastic and so for a more sustainable way of packing the cigars.


“We initially considered using recycled plastic, but there’s not enough of it available”, explains CEO Frederik Vandermarliere. “And biodegradable plastic hasn’t yet caught up when it comes to color retention and strength. So we settled on a totally different approach.”

The company eventually decided to use card packaging. Metsä Board, to be more specific – premium paperboard from Finland made with pure, young fibers and a focus on highly environmentally-friendly manufacture using timber certified as sustainably-sourced. As much as 99% of all Metsä Board production waste gets reused for energy generation.


“This new packaging symbolizes the logical resumption of our sustainability policy”, says Frederik Vandermarliere. “As another example, we installed a new water system at our cigar factory in Sri Lanka, which allows us to save 2.6 million liters of water every year. In reality, the running costs of the new system offset the savings we achieve in water. But as a family business, we think it’s more important to leave behind a better world for our kids.”

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