Cornelius & Anthony is coming to Germany. Tabac Benden, known for Cigarworld and the La Casa del Habano in Dusseldorf, will be importing and distributing the brand.

The cigar will be released at the same time as the release in The Netherlands and Sweden. And there are more similarities to the distribution. The same lines will be distributed. The same sizes will be distributed. And both countries will be able to order the latest Cornelius & Anthony blends, The Mistress and The Gent, later this year.

Just like in The Netherlands the Cornelius line won’t be available in Germany. The reason for that is the extra import tax on American-made tobacco products.

The cigars and the prices

Germany also works with fixed tobacco prices. The importer/distributor sets the price, based upon the factory price, shipping, taxes and includes the profit margins for the shops and the distribution. That price is the price for which retailer can sell the cigars until the distributor changes the price. Discounts or mark-ups are prohibited. A discount is allowed when buying a whole box though.                                                                                                            

Ministry of Cigars - Cornelius & Anthony Meridian

Meridian corona gorda (5½x46) €8,70 per cigar                                                                                          
Meridian robusto (5×52) €8,90 per cigar                                                                         
Meridian toro (6×50) €9,90 per cigar                                                                                           
Meridian gordo (6×60) €10,90 per cigar   

Ministry of Cigars - Daddy Mac Cigars

Daddy mac corona gorda (5½x46) €9,900 per cigar                                                                                                         
Daddy mac robusto (5×52) €9,20 per cigar                                                                         
Daddy mac toro (6×50) €10,20 per cigar                                                                                                                     
Daddy mac gordo (6×60) €11,70 per cigar    

Ministry of Cigars - Venganza

Venganza silencer (5½x46) €8,90 per cigar                                                                                
Venganza judge  (5×52) €9,20 per cigar                                                                                                                   
Venganza Persuader  (6×50) €10,20 per cigar                                                                            
Venganza BMG (6×60) €11,70 per cigar  

The Aerial, Señor Esugars, The Gent, and Mistress will be added to the portfolio of the distributor, Tabac Benden, in a later stage.

All of the cigars are made at the Tabacalera La Zona in Esteli, Nicaragua. The factory is owned by Erik Espinosa from Espinosa Cigars.