Condega is now available in Jordan. The Nicaraguan brand was recently introduced by Ibtikar Imports during an event. The event, hosted by Arak Haddad, had over 1800 attendees. They paired local Arabic alcoholic drink with Condega cigars.

The event took place at Kan Zaman. That place has a lot of cultural significance for Jordan. The 19th-century estate carries a lot of history. And during the event at this nice location, cigar aficionados from Jordan could try authentic Nicaraguan cigars. Jordan is a market flooded with counterfeit Cuban cigars. 

Condega is not the only brand introduced in Jordan. Other brands, related to Condega are Umnum, Don Jose and Kraken. Those cigars were introduced at the same event.

Condega cigars

Condega Serie F is a Nicaraguan Puro with Criollo 98 and Corojo 99 in the filler. The wrapper and binder are Corojo 99 as well. And the Serie F is available in 11 sizes. Four of those are available in Jordan. Those are the 6×60 Titan. The 5½x50 Arsenio, 6½x52 Magnum, and the Pyramide. The last one measures 6¼x52.

Condega Serie S is a three size line. All three cigars come in beautiful tubes. The cigars are 100% Nicaraguan. Corojo from Esteli and Condega are the filler. Seco from Jalapa is the binder and the wrapper is Corojo. The sizes available are the Magnum 52, Robusto and Short Robusto.

Ministry of Cigars Condega is now available in Jordan

The other brands

Don Jose Cigars is another cigar produced at the Aganorsa factory. They are made in Nicaragua. The regular Don Jose has a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The binder is Indonesian. The filler is made from Criollo 98 and Corojo 99. The Don Jose Premium has a Corojo 99 wrapper. The binder and filler are the same. Except for the fact that the Don Jose Premium is a premium Longfiller, yet the regular is a shortfiller cigar.

Kraken is a line of ultra thick cigars. There are three sizes available and all come in beautiful round tins. No boxes are used for this line. And even though the cigars are extra thick (70 to 80 in ring size), they are very affordable. The wrapper is a Sun Grown Nicaraguan tobacco. The binder is from Indonesia. The filler is all Nicaraguan. The cigars come as a Mitico of 4½x70, 7×70 Fanatico or am 8×80 Lunatico. But not as affordable as the last brand introduced in Jordan.

Those are the Umnum cigars. There are two versions. One from Honduras and one from Nicaragua. The Umnum Honduras is made with filler from Nicaragua and Honduras. The binder comes from Mexico. And the wrapper is a sun-grown Honduran wrapper. The Umnum Nicaragua has filler from Nicaragua and Honduras as well. But with an Indonesian binder. And a sun grown wrapper from Nicaragua.