Condega is entering the Malaysian market. The Nicaraguan cigars have taken Europe by storm over the last three years. And slowly the brand is expanding outside the European market as well.

Distribution in Asia

In the last year, Condega has added countries in the Middle East to the list. Condega is also distributed in Angola, Africa. And now Malaysia is added to the list of countries. Condega teamed up with Ray Ooi from Cigars Lounge Kuala Lumpur for the distribution. Ooi is also the sole distributor for Joya de Nicaragua, Arturo Fuente, and Xikar in Malaysia.

But it does not stop there. With his extended network in Asia, Ooi will be distributing Condega to other markets as well. In a statement to Ministry of Cigars, Ooi mentioned Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore as other potential markets for the brand.


The Condega brand was founded by Eduardo Fernandez. Fernandez is the man behind the renowned Tabacos Valle de Jalapa SA factory where a lot of highly praised cigars are made. And he is the founder of Aganorsa Leaf. In 2002 he launched Condega and 4 years later the cigar reached the Spanish market. When Gesinta formed a strategic alliance with Aganorsa Leaf to develop and expand the brand in 2015, the Condega cigars skyrocketed. Two years later it was the best selling Nicaraguan cigar in Spain. 

Gesinta took over the international distribution for Condega and formed alliances with distributors in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Due to the price-quality ratio, the cigars are well received in every market that they are introduced to. By partnering up with Tabacos CZ, they add another partner in a new country. Condega is now available in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Ministry of Cigars reviewed the Condega Serie F Maduro Robusto and the Umnum budget cigars from Condega.

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