Condega cigars will soon be available in France. The Spanish owned brand partnered up with Eurotab. And Eurotab is one of the largest independent cigar distributors of France.

Even though Condega is made in Nicaragua it is a Spanish owned brand. France and Spain share a border. So it was long overdue for Condega to be represented in France. The brand is available in a lot of other European countries too. And is just launched in Jordan.

Condega is a well known brand in the Spanish market. They are the only Nicaraguan brand in the top 10 when it comes to sales. Condega is ranked #9 out of 368 brands available. Since two years, the brand expanding out of Spain. And with great succes, crushing sales records in every market they enter.

First release and events

At first, only the Condega Serie F Robusto and the Condega Serie F Titan will be available. But new sizes will be added in a later stage. The Condega Serie F is a Nicaraguan Puro with Criollo 98 and Corona 99 in the filler. The wrapper and binder are Corojo 99 as well.

Eurotab has plans to launch the cigars at several events. Including an event in the jewel of the French Riviera: Saint Tropez. Many cigars smokers in the Southern part of France know the brand. They buy them on trips to the Spanish part of the border. But soon, they don’t need to travel that far anymore.


In 1995, Sandro Stroili founded Eurotab. The company has grown to be one of the largest independent distributors. And is one of the most respected cigar distributors in Europe. Condega is in good hands. Other brands distributed by Eurotab are Ashton cigars, including the Nicaraguan Ashton brands La Aroma del Caribe and Paradiso. My Father Cigars & Tatuaje are represented by Eurotab as well. Just as A.J. Fernandez and DH Boutique brands, which include Nicarao, La Ley, La Preferida, and Furia. Alec Bradley, Gurkha, Casa Magna, Rocky Patel are also part of the family. Just like Ernesto Perez Carrillo, PDR Cigars, Casdagli and the Costa Rican brand Brun del Re. And now Condega cigars will soon be available in France thought Eurotabc. Besides cigars, Eurotab also distributes accessories. The brands Boveda and Xikar are handled by Stroili and his team.