Clubcigarren releases SWAT. The online retailer is related to the lifestyle brand HENK and it shows. But where the HENK Maori cigars come from Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez, the SWAT is not. It’s not even made in Nicaragua but it comes from the factory of Maya Selva in Honduras. But when a master designer is creating cigars, the packaging is something special.

The cigar and artwork

The cigars are short robusto sizes, 3½x52. The cigars are made with Indonesian Sumatra wrapper and a binder from Jamastran, Honduras. The filler comes from Nicaragua and Honduras. Just like with the HENK Maori cigars, there are no rings but instead, the cigars have a tattoo with the name and logo.

The packaging makes the cigars though. The boxes are plastic, made with a 3D printer. They look like a curved magazine for a rifle such as the infamous AK-47 by Kalashnikov. A SWAT magazine contains 8 cigars and has a retail price of €39 in Germany.

The cigars are exclusive to Clubcigarren.com, a German online retailer for cigars and accessories. And the name SWAT stands for Special Wrapper And Tobacco.

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Clubcigarren releases SWAT

3D Printing 

In the last two years, HENK has been making a lot of accessories using a 3D printer. From small gadgets such as the cPick and the HENK Maori gold ball holder to bigger items. The base for the HENK Cigarbone comes from a 3D printer. The smaller HENK Minibone is completely 3D printed. The same goes for several other HENK travel cases and the box for the HENK Maori sampler. 

For the Clubcigarren cigar’s packaging, that same 3D printing is used The SWAT cigar magazine is the next innovation from the German design company and it will be a great conversation piece in any cigar lounge.

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