Cigars for Warriors and Avanti Cigars expand the partnership. This partnership helps to ensure a stable inventory of cigars. And as a result, that helps to allow quicker fulfillment of requests from deployed troops. Cigars for Warriors is a registered 501(c)3 charity. They supply cigars, magazines, coffee, and cigar accessories to US troops serving in active combat zones. Ministry of Cigars dedicated an episode of the Cigar Charities series to Cigars for Warriors.

Press release

In a press release, Storm Boen, Chairman, and CEO of Operation: Cigars for Warriors responds to the news. “On behalf of Operation: Cigars for Warriors and the men and women serving in combat deployments, we are honored to continue this excellent program,” he said.

Andrew Rickard, Vice President of Operations of Avanti Cigars comments as well. “We are firmly committed to giving our contribution to the mission of Cigars for Warriors. We really believe that supporting our troops is part of our company DNA.” 

Avanti Cigars

In 1912 three Italian brothers, who moved to the United States a decade earlier, started a cigar company. The Suraci brothers formed what is now known as Avanti cigars. They brought experience from the Italian cigar industry and copied the Toscano style. And in 2015, Avanti Cigars was acquired by the leading manufacturer of cigars in Italy. That is Manifatture Sigaro Toscano.

Avanti is the only producer of dry-cured cigars in the United States. They also use the Kentucky Fire curing method for their tobacco. That makes the cigars taste different than anything else. 

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