Davtian Cigars is coming to Asia. The Malaysian based distributor Cigar Emperor has secured the Asian distribution rights for the Armenian brand, owned by David Davtian. The distribution of the Dominican made cigars will start soon.

David Davtian opened his shop and international distribution company in 2003. He was elected as president of the Armenian Cigar Association just three years later. After traveling back and forth between his home Armenia and Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras to learn about tobacco, Davtian decided it was time to use his gained knowledge and start his own cigar brand, Davtian Cigars. That was back in 2011, and the cigars are now available in a wide array of countries worldwide.

Cigar Emperor will carry all the lines of Davtian Cigars and all the sizes. That included the Primus, Habana, Aristocrat, Trinidad, Rubina, and Mestizo lines, which all come in two vitolas.