Cigar Clowns from Limited Cigar Association. The Limited Cigar Association, best known for their monthly subscription Privada Cigar Club, is releasing a new cigar. This time it’s a cigar made by A.J. Fernandez at his Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. That is the main factory of Abdel Fernandez, who has a smaller operation in Totogalpa, north of Esteli. That factory is named San Lotano.

Cigar Clowns

The new cigar is a 6×50 toro with the name Cigar Clowns The Ron. The inspiration is a group of cigar promotors in Brooklyn, New York. This group helped the Privada Cigar Club to get where they are now. Calling them clowns is a term of endearment. And The Ron is a nod the Ronald McDonald, probably the most famous clown in the world. There were several Cigar Clown releases before, and this probably won’t be the last. Each of the Cigar Clown releases has a name of a famous clown.

The Limited Cigar Association is most famous for the Privada Cigar Club. But they also supply small batches and rare cigars to American retailers. And since last week also to the Norwegian distributor Nordic Cigars. If the Cigar Clowns The Ron is coming to Norway is a good question. Most likely so, but we are waiting on confirmation from Nordic Cigars. 

How small or large the production numbers of Cigar Clowns The Ron is a question. It has not been revealed by the Limited Cigar Association. They never reveal the number of cigars of their releases. So if you are curious and want to see if this cigar can make you laugh, get them while you can. And if you hate or fear clowns like many do, buy them, as there is nothing more satisfying than burning something you hate or fear.

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