Christian Eiroa celebrates 25 years in the cigar business. He celebrates that with the CLE 25th Anniversary. Quite unusual for an 8-year-old company to have the 25th Anniversary but there is a story to that. CLE is not the first cigar company that Eiroa runs, just the one he started in 2012 with business partner Tom Lazuka. Eiroa made his name when he and his father made Camacho a household name for cigar smokers. They sold it to Davidoff and after a short break, Eiroa came back with Tabacalera Unidas. Tabacalera Unidas is the umbrella for CLE, Asylum, Eiroa, and Wynwood Hills.

In a letter to American retailers, Eiroa says “I was just thinking that when we started CLE Cigars in 2012, I promised Mr. Tom Lazuka that I would never use the words “Anniversary” or “Limited” but being that June 2020 marked my 25th Anniversary in the business, I just had to break that promise. When you try these cigars, you will agree that they are worth the broken promise, especially since 2020 has been such a memorable year,”

The cigar

The CLE 25th Anniversary is a Honduran puro. Made with authentic Corojo tobacco. The cigars are coming from the factory of Eiroa, the CLE Cigar Factory. The factory is better known under its previous name, El Aladino. The El Aladino name comes from an old movie theatre that is property of the Eiroa family for generations. The building is now part of the factory. The cigar is box-pressed and comes in four different sizes. One of the sizes, the Eiroa signature 11/18 is only available for Tobacconists Association of America members. The other sizes are a 5×50 Robusto, 6×54 Toro, and a 6×60 Gordo. All sizes, including the 11/18, are available to international distributors of CLE. In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Christian Eiroa says “We are looking forward to introducing them into Europe soon.”

Ministry of Cigars - Christian Eiroa celebrates 25 years

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