China’s first International Cigar Expo. Next month, on November 21st and 22nd, China Tobacco is hosting the first-ever Cigar Expo in the Asian country. Cigars are a very popular luxury product in China, with growing demand. China is the largest tobacco market in the world, and the real cigar boom still has to happen. Importing cigars into China is still very restricted, with quotas, yet the sales increase every year considerably.

2019 China International Cigar Expo

The event will take place in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center and is not open to the public. The expo center has an exhibition hall of 4794㎡ (51602 square feet) reserved for the International Cigar Expo. Shenzhen is a major port and consumer market for cigars imported into China. The city also plays a big role in developing China’s cigar industry. And it’s the focus city for the economical reforms from the Chinese government. There are at least four cigar factories in China, producing both machine-made cigars and hand-rolled cigars for the domestic market.

The comprehensive exhibition is co-hosted by China Tobacco, Shenzhen Tobacco Import and Export Co, China Cigarette Sales Company, and Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Company. But it’s not just about Chinese tobacco. The organizers expect more than 100 exhibitors, including big names such as Davidoff and Habanos. According to the organizers, more than 50 domestic and foreign cigar and tobacco companies have indicated that they will exhibit at the International Cigar Expo.

The event will focus on exhibiting domestic and international cigar products. It’s also about exchanging information between companies to promote the growth of legal tobacco trade in China. And encourage cooperation in commerce, technology, and projects with Chinese cigar companies. The Expo will organize comprehensive displays for cigar brands, cigar tobacco growers, cigar accessories, materials, cigar packaging, tobacco pipes social media for cigar culture and other related topics.

Ministry of Cigars - China’s first International Cigar Expo
example of Chinese cigars

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